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Was anyone else surprised by the Tobari/Miharu mentor dynamic, and by that I mean the lack there of? At the beginning, I was really expecting a strong dynamic between Tobari and Miharu. Tobari seemed to be set on breaking through Miharu's indifference, and Miharu seemed to suffer Tobari better than a lot of others. So I was really surprised how fast Miharu dropped him, making his goal to do the one thing Tobari told him never to do, and gallivanting into the enemy camp.

And even though Miharu was technically threatened to use the shinra banshou (on Tobari's and the others lives), that fact seemed to leave him the moment he decided to help Yoite, so it was almost irrelevant. So it can't even be said that he dropped Tobari to save his life, he just did.

And even when he defected back to Tobari's side, Miharu spent much more time with Yukimi. I was just really surprised by the lack of the Tobari/Miharu dynamic.
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From: [personal profile] thepersonwithitchysocks
That first point is really interesting, since Tobari witnessed the transfer of the Shinrabanshou from Asahi to Miharu. Even though Shinra appeared to Tobari a couple of times, which she didn't do to anyone else except when Oda read Miharu's mind, I don't think Tobari witnessed the promise. I don't have a theory on why he wanted to break through Miharu's indifference, although I bet part of that had to do with his morals.

Tobari went out of his way to keep the truth of ten years ago from Miharu because before the Place Where Memories Return arc, Miharu wouldn't have been able to cope with the knowledge that he should be dead. In chapter 63, right before he begins to explain the past, Tobari says, "Back then, I couldn't speak of it because I didn't know if you had the strength to hear the truth without falling apart."

And he probably more or less watched Miharu grow up, although - maybe not, since he probably went away to a university to get his teaching degree, probably in Tokyo, and he probably taught there for a little while. I wonder if that's where he met Raimei, since she mentioned that she knew him from Tokyo, and for just ten years, he was probably away for long. (I'm coming up with a lot of this off the top of my head.)

Although he was a teacher, Tobari seemed to spend the majority of Nabari learning - from Miharu, from Kotarou, from the events of ten years ago that only he remembered. Although he was a teacher, his character was focused much more on his morals than his teacher status. I think his relationship with Miharu was more of one of clashing morals than a teacher-student dynamic.

Tobari's and Miharu's relationship was based a lot on morality. Tobari formed certain conclusions from the events of ten years ago which played a big part in shaping his morals, but he let his morals get the best of him a lot, especially in the beginning. I think he used his morals to compensate for his personal insecurities, as well; in part because he blamed himself for Asahi's death, and he tried to push them on other people, especially Miharu, who was tied inextricably to Asahi's death. Their relationship in the beginning had a lot to do with that moral conflict, which did no good for either of them.

I think that one thing is that Tobari, as a character, doesn't have anything to teach Miharu. In fact, I think that Tobari was much more of a negative influence in Miharu's life, the strongest of the outside forces that were trying to influence Miharu. Since, especially in the beginning, Miharu was incredibly influenced by his environment and the people around him, part of Tobari's role in Miharu's life was to teach him to what to get away from; the time Miharu spent away from Tobari, and especially the time he spent with Yukimi, definitely helped him become less influenced by his environment. In chapter 63, Tobari acknowledges this, saying (according to the translations on, "I'm sorry I kept... swaying your mind."

Miharu and Tobari began to reconcile in chapter 54; they had a long conversation alone, and Tobari treated Miharu as nothing less than an equal. I think Tobari took the role of Miharu's protector much more than his teacher, which was really bizarre until he finally explains his relation to Miharu's family and why he felt it was so important to protect Miharu.

I got carried away; I'm sorry. You brought up a lot of interesting observations and good points that I had never considered before. I wasn't able to touch on them all; I just wrote a bit of what I speculate about it.

Date: 2014-06-12 01:46 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] astraliminal
I think he would, actually, or at least have the idea hanging over his head, because there’s also the influence of his ‘promise’ with his mother, which seems to have had the effect of making him feel like (in general, but shaped for the preservation of the shinrabanshou) he doesn’t quite have the right to exert any individual influence on his surroundings at all. Tobari probably strengthened these ideas, but I think they would have had a hold on him for a very long time. The idea that his existence could have come from the shinrabanshou, and is now bound to it, while his mother thinks of it as something which needs to be suppressed and detached from the world around it, and people around him are fighting and dying over it – I think even if Tobari hadn’t been so strongly against its use, Miharu would have been shaken by finding out about his death and resurrection. Possibly that’s another reason for his resonance with Yoite, who had also had the idea that what gave him life was ‘wrong’ projected to him, which may be why his specific request seemed so compelling.
I do agree with everything else, though, especially that Tobari was very influenced by his own guilt in his attitude to Miharu.
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