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It is very obvious that Miharu is not a naturally indifferent person. We know that it stemmed from his mother's dying request for him to be indifferent during the transferring of the Shinra Banshou, but my question is this: Do you think that Asahi actually created some kind of lock on Miharu via the Shinra Banshou to guarantee his indifference, or do you think that Miharu was subconsciously following her request even though he couldn't remember it?

Date: 2014-06-17 08:34 am (UTC)
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The scanlations for chapter 67 read: "Miharu himself desires the memories of that time. Therefore, how about separating from this child? So, after all, you can't seal the hijutsu?" I interpret this as meaning that Asahi, some lingering fragment of Asahi's consciousness or something, has affected Miharu's memories and thus his indifference. Then again, that might just be because I had previously interpreted Asahi's appearances in a much more literal sense.

More and more frequently toward the end, though, many of Shinra's statements have seemed to have been directed toward Asahi. For example, from the beginning of chapter 68: "You wished for your beloved child to stay away from the world of Nabari. That firm will of yours was very interesting. However, eventually Miharu ended up in the center of the world of Nabari. Just as you once did, Asahi."

On the other hand, several of Asahi's direct interactions with Miharu in Miharu's headspace are with Miharu as he appeared ten years as he last saw her, so it seems very likely that Asahi's appearances are symbolic. A whole bunch of Nabari is symbolic - for example, shortly afterward, Miharu's tears become the memories of ten years ago - so I wouldn't doubt it in the slightest.

EDIT: In chapter 71, when Shinra is trying to convince Miharu to use the Shinrabanshou, she says, "Asahi has suppressed your heart for your sake."
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